Free: My Attitude of Gratitude

What will you do if your child gets sad and upset because you won’t buy him a new toy? How can you teach him to be thankful for what he already has? In this story, Grandma teaches her grandson how to cope with unfulfilled desire by making a gratitude jar into which to put reminders each night of everything good that has happened during the day. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Froggy Frog – Children’s Book

The toads guarded the room and kept it locked tight, Afraid of the robber who roamed late at night. That cruel, wicked toad stole from old and young, So, fat and so greedy, with a long twisty tongue. So when toad got her Golden Key on a chain, She knew she must guard it from sun and from rain. ... [Read More...]

Lava Lab – Space and The Solar System workbook for kids

Getting ready for kindergarten and first grade has never been so motivating and fun! Lava-Lab Provide your child with the knowledge, skills, and exercises required to succeed in kindergarten and first grade through an exciting and empowering scientific learning experience. Your child will get to know, explore and fall in love with space and the solar system with the help of fascinating and age-appropriate scientific explanations, which will encourage exploration, curiosity, and love for science... [Read More...]

I Love You Much More

I Love You Much More is an invitation to exploration. Just how high, how wide, how deep and how long is God’s love? In this story, the main character Elias, driven by his imagination and curiosity, embarks on a quest to measure the immeasurable—the love of God. Elias, with bold, childlike faith, interrogates God as he compares God’s love to some of the highest, widest, deepest, and longest things in the world. Is God’s love deeper than the deepest canyon? Is it longer than a trip to the... [Read More...]

Lost Carnival

11-year-old Toby Larkin just moved to the eerie town of Wintervale. He misses his old friends. And it’s hard to make new friends when you’re the new kid who likes odd things. Toby loves carnivals. Give him sword-swallowers, fire-breathers, and fortune-tellers any day of the week. During a walk in Wayward Grove, he finds what appears to be an abandoned carnival. Turns out, the carnival is anything but abandoned, as a group of kids introduce themselves as the performers. Toby is excited to ha... [Read More...]

Free: Chatty Feet

Who’s going to school? Chatty Feet! These silly feet are getting ready for their daytime adventure. Young readers will enjoy this playful and imaginative story, which will have them looking at their own feet in a whole new way. Great book for motivating young children to get up and ready for school! FREE on Kindle ... [Read More...]