Sailing South ’til the Butter Melts

Most cats dont dream about sailing around the world. Neither did Chowder. But in the 1990s, she somewhat reluctantly joined her caregivers, Captain Lee and mate Sheila, on a voyage that lasted six years, covering over 45,000 miles while visiting foreign lands and remote paradise islands. This first of three books in the series covers the first two years of the voyage as told byChowder. $6.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Gift: Teach Kids Patience!

Teach your child patience One sunny morning the envelopes came Colorful, shiny, with each creatures name. Some opened them carefully, others just tore And all of them knew just what lay in store. “You’re invited to the palace next Sunday at two It’s the king’s birthday party; he’ll be waiting for you. The Lion King celebrates just once a year – So come one and all we’re expecting you here!” Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Strong Girls Travel: AJ’s Adventures at Indiana Dunes

Strong Girls Travel is a book series showcasing a young girls adventures in Americas National Parks. Each book finds her learning something new about herself, her world, and her part in it all. In AJs Adventures at Indiana Dunes, she finally gets to meet up with her favorite cousin after two long years away. But will they still like the same things? What is this 3-Dunes Challenge thing that Charly texted her about? Hiking? Early in the morning? Oh no. Maybe AJ doesnt have as much in common with... [Read More...]

Shelby and the First Ride: An Old Quarry Lake Farms Tale

Shelby Simone is a horse-crazy kid living in the city with her parents. Despite having the best friends ever at the exclusive Metro School for Girls, she cant help but feel something is missing from her life. When her parents break the news to her that theyre moving to a nearby rural community, Shelby is devastated until her parents promise she can take riding lessons at Old Quarry Lake Farms, one of the best-known riding stables in the state! Shelby only has a month to say goodbye to city life... [Read More...]

A Journey Down Under Some of Australia’s Amazing Creatures

Embark on a captivating adventure with “A Journey Down Under – Some of Australia’s Amazing Creatures.” This enchanting children’s picture book is a passport to the wondrous world of Australia’s most extraordinary animals. Inside its colorful pages, your child will meet cuddly koalas, bouncy kangaroos, and the peculiar platypus. With vivid illustrations that come to life on every page, the book brings these fascinating creatures right into your child’s h... [Read More...]

Free: Santa ABC

Discover the whimsical world of Santa Claus with Santa ABC, an enchanting and educational children’s book that introduces young readers to the alphabet with festive holiday concepts in a delightful way. Each letter is accompanied by a word, a corresponding illustration, and an age-appropriate fun fact, helping to expand their vocabulary, and providing a visual aid to grasp the concept and meaning of each word. With vibrant illustrations by Luis Peres, children will be captivated by the de... [Read More...]

Free: Inspiring Sports Athlete Stories For Kids aged 8-14

This book shares motivational stories of 15 different sports legends who overcame challenges to achieve greatness, with the goal of inspiring character development, resilience, and big dreams in young readers aged 8-14. Each story includes illustrations, fun facts, and suggested activities to make the inspirational tales interactive and Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Slowest Animals on Earth

Many of the animals we are going to talk about are the slowest animals on earth. Many of the animals are threatened by climate change. We do need to help them. However, looking at each of the animals, they do have weaknesses, but they also have strengths too. Let us read and see the fascinating qualities these animals have. And do not forget that we are all unique, just like each one of these animals. The animals may be slow, but they have incredibly good strong qualities. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]