Lost Carnival

Lost Carnival
11-year-old Toby Larkin just moved to the eerie town of Wintervale. He misses his old friends. And it’s hard to make new friends when you’re the new kid who likes odd things. Toby loves carnivals. Give him sword-swallowers, fire-breathers, and fortune-tellers any day of the week.
During a walk in Wayward Grove, he finds what appears to be an abandoned carnival. Turns out, the carnival is anything but abandoned, as a group of kids introduce themselves as the performers. Toby is excited to have new friends, and an actual carnival to attend. How nice of Wintervale to give Toby the things he wants. But these new friends are different—a bit on the pale side, dressed in old-timey clothes, and only come out at night kind of different.
Toby can’t resist watching his new friends perform a show for him. His friends, however, want something in return—a soul … his soul.
Toby is now certain of one thing … don’t play with the dead. $0.99 on Kindle
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