Free: Misfit Magic School

Thirteen-year-old Ember Pearson failed her mandatory magic exam, and now there is only one place she can go— the school for magical misfits. Ember is desperate to transfer to a school for real witches, like her celebrity parents and perfect sister. When the only teacher that believes in her vanishes, Ember and her fellow misfits must find a way to bring her home. But with a mix of chaotic powers that include spotty invisibility, baffling psychic visions, and unruly fire manipulation, it won&#... [Read More...]

Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits

Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits is a coming-of-age adventure story set in the lush wilderness. Jack and his two companions must battle dangerous wildlife, whitewater rapids, and violent criminals to find centuries-old treasure. In the journey, they learn a little about themselves and friendships along the way. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Suzie Buttler’s First Day of School

Life is a challenge for Suzie Buttler, a spirited little girl who was born in the shape of a butt. (Yes, you read that right!) Her older brother is a brat, and her classmates can be callous, but, with tenacity and ingenuity, Suzie is determined to rise above the bullies and show everyone that she is more than just a butt. Suzie is excited for her very first day of Kindergarten, even though her brother, Harold, warns her that she will be laughed at because she’s “just a butt.” Despite Suzi... [Read More...]

On Your Mark, Get Set, INVEST: A Kid’s Guide to Saving Money, Spending Wisely, and Investing in the Stock Market

Slow and steady wins the race? An intro to personal finance and investing for kids ages 8 to 12. Feet thumping and arms swinging, Thrifty Tortoise and Ritzy Rabbit set off on a race to the finish line. At the end awaits a brand-new bike! Follow this competition to see who can earn, save, and invest their way to the ultimate prize. Lots of money decisions will be made along the way—some good and some bad—but you’ll get to learn from them all! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: How I become a stranger to anger: Picture story about anger management for early age children that helps cool down early age anger (child tantrum self control skills)

  This book describes Isabella’s typical day in a story format and will open your child’s mind to what it feels like to be angry and how to self-control and cool down early child anger. Written by a medical professional. The author, Dr. Rafiq Yousafzai, MD, DCP, Ph.D., is a medical doctor with a diploma in community pediatrics and a Ph.D. in life sciences from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. This illustration book is about Isabella. The book: illustrates anger management scenarios in a ... [Read More...]

Free: The Casebook of Sir Pendleton Stormsnout: A Mouseling Hollow Chronicles Graphic Novel

“Sir Pendleton Stormsnout: Legendary Detective and Seeker of Adventure.” So reads the sign that hangs by the entrance of the palatial estate that lies on the outskirts of the sleepy hamlet known as Mouseling Hollow. For most mice, hanging such a sign outside their place of business would be sheer arrogance – a sure sign that they were either puffed-up braggarts intoxicated with their own boastfulness, or vainglorious charlatans seeking to separate the innocent from their hard-earned coin.... [Read More...]