Free: Where Does Santa Go on Vacation

Santa and Mrs. Claus are ready for their own vacation. After a busy holiday season all around the world, Santa can’t wait to spend time with Mrs. Claus and have some fun. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do? ... [Read More...]

Free: My Attitude of Gratitude

What will you do if your child gets sad and upset because you won’t buy him a new toy? How can you teach him to be thankful for what he already has? In this story, Grandma teaches her grandson how to cope with unfulfilled desire by making a gratitude jar into which to put reminders each night of everything good that has happened during the day. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Froggy Frog – Children’s Book

The toads guarded the room and kept it locked tight, Afraid of the robber who roamed late at night. That cruel, wicked toad stole from old and young, So, fat and so greedy, with a long twisty tongue. So when toad got her Golden Key on a chain, She knew she must guard it from sun and from rain. ... [Read More...]

Free: Snakes Have No Legs

In this light-hearted picture book, learn how snakes can slither up trees, on land and even in the water. Enjoy hearing your child shout out the answers to silly questions like “Can a snake wear gloves?” Snakes Have No Legs is the first book in the Awesome Animals series and is dyslexia-friendly. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Pigs Never Sweat

In this light-hearted book, learn how different bodies cool down in different ways: sweat, water or mud! Watch as pigs gloriously emerge with their mud jackets, making them the coolest animal on the block. Pigs Never Sweat is part of the Awesome Animals series, and uses a dyslexia-friendly type-face. $0.00 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Greek Gods for Kids

Do you wish to introduce your kids to Greek mythology in an interesting manner that makes them want to learn more about the ancient Greeks? And are you looking for a child-friendly book that will make your kids even thirstier for more mythologies of the ancient world? If you’ve answered YES, Let This Book Take Your Child On A Journey Into The Ancient Greek Mythology In A Manner That Has Never Been Told Before! Stories about gods, goddesses, titans, and other important beings in Greek mytholog... [Read More...]

Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden

Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden teaches children the values of friendship, equality, and inclusiveness. Filled with colorful illustrations and powerful lessons, this book would make the perfect gift for any young readers in your life. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

I Love You Much More

I Love You Much More is an invitation to exploration. Just how high, how wide, how deep and how long is God’s love? In this story, the main character Elias, driven by his imagination and curiosity, embarks on a quest to measure the immeasurable—the love of God. Elias, with bold, childlike faith, interrogates God as he compares God’s love to some of the highest, widest, deepest, and longest things in the world. Is God’s love deeper than the deepest canyon? Is it longer than a trip to the... [Read More...]


Majority of FireWorks’ net proceeds will be donated to a variety of charities and non-government organizations across Australia through the FireWorks’ Fund (FWF). Each donation made by the FWF will go towards sustaining Australia’s environment, ecosystems, habitats, communities and cultural well-being. Inspired by true events. Come gather, come gather, for Illuka, the koala, is ready to explain how he and his friends survived the Australian bushfires. Yes, yes, he is, he is! A... [Read More...]

Free: Brown As I Am

Brown As I am is a story about a Brown boy who plays and explores, he is simply being a boy. He knows that he is brown and may face challenges, but it doesn’t stop him. He is not afraid. He is brave. Why Choose “Brown As I Am” Representation matters: This story will encourage young boys of color to embrace who they are. Beautiful Illustrations: Illustrated by a Person of Color. ... [Read More...]