Amazing Ants. A Kid’s Book of Cool Facts and Pictures of Ants

Amazing Ants. A Kid’s book of Cool Facts and Pictures of Ants
This book is only $0.99 until February 6th, then it will go up to $2.99.

Wild Pages Publishing brings you Amazing Ants. A Kid’s Book of Cool Facts and Pictures of Ants.

Amazing Ants is the perfect resource for young naturalists eager to learn about these amazing insects.

*Please note that this book is not for toddlers. It is better for children ages 8 and up.

This engaging and informative book introduces kids to the world of ants.

This fun book is packed with cool facts, illustrations, and pictures of ants.

It’s perfect for inspiring kids to learn more about these amazing creatures. Whether it’s a science fair project, a report, or for pure enjoyment, this book is a great source of information for the ant enthusiast.

Amazing Ants is a must-have for any budding ant enthusiast, naturalist, or entomologist.

Kids discover all about queen ants, ant society, their colonies, their anatomy, how they use smells to communicate, and much more! We have also included a chapter with jobs for kids who really like bugs and might like to go into entomology as career.

Did you know that weaver ants hold their larvae in their jaws like a tube of glue to glue leaves together?
Or that army ants eat up to 100,000 insects and small animals every day they are on raids?
Or that fire ants make “ant rafts” to escape floods?
All that is in the book, plus a lot more!

Here’s a list of the species of ants featured in the book:
Argentine ants
Army ants
Fire ants
Ghost ants
Harvester ants
Hotrod ants
Leaf-cutter ants
Odorous ants
Pavement ants
Sugar ants
Thief ants
Trap-jaw ants
Weaver ants

We hope you love this book as much as we do! $0.99 on Kindle.
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