The Cat Who Chased Ghosts

In a quaint little town, a scruffy orange tabby named Whiskers holds a centuries-old secret: he descends from an ancient lineage of mythical felines known as Guardian Cats, sworn to protect humans from ghosts and evil spirits.

When Catherine and Robert Thompson inherit a creaky old house from Robert’s great-aunt, they unwittingly become Whiskers’ new keepers along with Timmy, a spirited boy with a thirst for adventure. To Timmy’s dismay, his parents view the aging cat as unsuitable for their family.

Determined to prove Whiskers’ worth, Timmy accidentally discovers the cat’s real powers and stumbles upon chilling presences lurking in the old house.

When a loved one is threatened, he must enlist the help of Whiskers and face a treacherous journey, risking everything to save more than one life. $0.99 on Kindle.
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