Kids Say The Darndest Things To Santa Claus Volume 3: 25 Years Of Santa Stories

Kids Say The Darndest Things To Santa Claus Volume 3: 25 Years Of Santa Stories
Santa Don, author Don Kennedy, is back with volume 3 of his series, Kids Say The Darndest Things To Santa Claus: 25 Years Of
Santa Stories. What started, almost 30 years ago, with Don filling in for a volunteer Santa friend who got a bad virus, turned into a lifetime passion. Santa Don has filled the special role of jolly old St. Nick at Christmastime at hospitals, military bases, women’s and children’s shelters, school, churches, Boys and Girls Clubs, wildfire victim’s shelters, community centers and more. Just imagine what all he’s heard as little ones share their Christmas wish lists plus hopes, dreams and sometimes sorrows. Chapters
include: The Very First Time – How It All Began, A Question-and-Answer session with Santa, A Grown-Up Christmas Wish, Santa in Paradise (Hawaii), Letters to Santa, Santa Around the Globe plus Santa in a Pandemic. Other chapters feature:
Young Love, Sibling Rivalry, The Naughty List, Kids’ Jokes, The Doubters, Military Families, But, why? Plus, It Could Only Happen to Santa. There are over 350 stories in 23 chapters, 200 pages total, that will have you laughing, crying and laughing out loud again. If you’ve ever wondered what kids say to Santa Claus, what it would be like to don the red Santa suit, what happens when a little child has “an accident” while on Santa’s knee… then this is the book for you. Get ready because, SANTA TELLS ALL! The 3-book series is Award winning and has received 5 Star Book Reviews. Ho Ho Ho! $2.99 on Kindle.
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