25 Free Children’s Books On Kindle

If you’ve got a little reader on your hands, you know how important it is to continue introducing them to new stories and allowing them to explore different types of literature. However, buying physical books can get expensive quickly, and the library isn’t always the most convenient option for young kids. For some families free books on Kindle are a great route to take.

If you want to give your children access to thousands of great books for free, you can download a wide selection of free children’s books directly from the Kindle store. Kids can read Kindle books on all sorts of devices, including kindles, phones, ipads, tablets and on PCs.

Free kids books on Kindle

Below, you’ll find just a small sampling of what Amazon has to offer for beginner readers for free.

Fairy tales free on Kindle

 Free activity books on Kindle

Early learning books free on Kindle

Books on growing up

Funny kids books free on Kindle

For more free reading materials in all genres, check out the JustKindleBooks free books page!