Susie Strickland, Sizzling Striker

Susie Strickland, Sizzling Striker: A fun and entertaining children's book about soccer, football for kids ages 3-5 6-8
Susie Strickland has been kicking a ball around ever since the day she could walk. It is her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do! Susie practices every chance she gets and because she practices so much, she is the best striker in her whole school!
One day, Susie is on her way to school when she gets splashed from head to toe when a boy riding his bicycle past her purposefully rides through a big puddle. He thinks that what he has done is very funny indeed. Susie, needless to say, does not agree.
Later that day, Susie goes to soccer practice as usual. She and her teammates are introduced to a new team member. His name is Spencer and – that’s right – you guessed it…he is the very same boy who splashed her that morning!
Now, the fact that this boy splashed her on purpose on her way to school is bad enough. But then Susie learns something else about him. Not only is he the newest member of her school soccer team, but he is a striker… just like her! Susie is so used to being the best striker in her school. How is she going to handle this new competition?
Game day arrives. Susie’s team is not doing so well and the coach decides to replace her with Spencer. What will happen next? Will Spencer be as good as Susie? Or might he even be a better striker than her? Will Susie be able to handle another player being as good (and possibly even better than) she is? Read on to find out! $1.99 on Kindle.
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