Free: Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens

Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens
How were humans created according to Egyptian culture? How did the ancient Egyptians calculate time? What influence did the Nile have on the development of their civilization? What was the world’s first board game?
This captivating picture book answers these and many other questions about the ancient Egyptian civilization, telling fabulous mythological stories of gods, pharaohs and sacred animals.
Mythology has always held a great fascination for Western civilization, inspiring art, literature, and theater. This is because myths are captivating narratives of gods and heroes that are lost in the mists of time, handed down by word of mouth to the present day. They tell the origin of the world and the birth of humans and nature itself.
Children especially love mythological tales because they are fantastic and mysterious, but also because they answer fundamental questions about the cosmos in a poetic way.
The book is also suitable for any adult showing interest in Egyptian mythology because of its highly informative and educational nature.
What you’ll learn:
– The eternal love between Isis and Osiris, whose eternal passion has so deeply influenced even Christian culture.
– The intense passion between the sky (the goddess Nut) and the earth (the god Geb),
– The creation of the world.
– The battle between the god of the heavens Horus and the evil god of chaos Seth.
– The secret name of Ra that only Isis was able to reveal.
– The Egyptian calendar and the three seasons.
– The weighing of the soul and the cult of the dead.
– The pharaoh, a god on earth, and the myth of the last queen Cleopatra.
…and more.
Immerse yourself in the culture of the pharaohs and sphinxes. Free on Kindle.
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