Stories for Children that Teach Them Something: Jimmy’s Fabulous Discoveries

Stories for Children that Teach Them Something: Jimmy’s Fabulous Discoveries
Are you and your child looking to share joy, fantasy and new discoveries?
Grab this collection of 9 ‘Stories for children that teach you something’. They are suitable for children of 7 to 11 years old. These stories for children are more than funny tales. They teach, have clues and learning for the little ones, to enrich their knowledge, perspective on reality and imagination.
Jimmy is a little boy with a curious nature. To respond to his curiosity, his parents buy him books. In this collection, Jimmy has several experiences from which he always learns something new about our world.
In the first story, ‘Patricia, a Child with A Rich Imagination’, he is invited to a birthday party where he meets other children. He learns from Patricia about an animal he didn’t know, a kangaroo. Patricia tells the children about Australia, the place the kangaroo comes from and why the kangaroos are on Australia’s shield.
In ‘The Pocket watch’, Jimmy and his parents visit a jewelery and watch store. Jimmy discovers the pocket watches, and he meets Cronos there, the God of Time. Cronos tells Jimmy about the value of time and the importance of making plans in life.
In ‘The Story of The Little Robin’, Jimmy learns about some small birds coming to their terrace. A robin visits him, and they have a dialogue. The robin tells him two legends about why robins have red breasts.
In ‘The Knights of The Medieval Fort’, Jimmy and his parents visit a medieval town that holds a celebration in the memory of those medieval times. Jimmy sees the outfits and the activities of that period, and he has a conversation with a knight, from whom he learns about bravery acts and crusades.
In ‘The Sphinx and The Flea Market’, Jimmy’s parents take him to a flea market. Jimmy is impressed by the many people and objects present there. He is attracted to a painting representing the Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx talks to him and tells him Ancient Egypt’s existence on the continent called Africa.
In ‘A Cat with Secrets’, Jimmy talks to a cat that visits their home about why cats prefer roaming during nighttime. His parents explain to him how cats get attached to houses and the dogs to their owners.
‘The Visit of A Fairy’ is a story where Jimmy discusses with a fairy from his preferred book. The fairy tells him about their life and the legends about them.
‘The Cartoons’ is an opportunity to talk about cartoons from nowadays and cartoons from Jimmy’s parents’ time.
‘The Charmed Tulip’ is a magic story where Jimmy visits the Kingdom of Flowers. He meets a talking rabbit and a bear, their king. The bear teaches him that flowers hurt when they are cut or picked up from the ground; that at home, we should have them only in pots to avoid their sufferance and fading.
This collection can be an excellent gift for your or other children that you know.
Enjoy those adventures and feel the charm, feel like a child! $0.99 on Kindle.
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