Free: Badfreaky – The Meanest Witch (The Life of Badfreaky the Witch Book 1)

Badfreaky - The meanest witch (The life of Badfreaky the witch Book 1)
Badfreaky – The Meanest Witch is written by Konstantinos V.E.Adamopoulos. In Bright Forest, four-year-old Marily lives happily with her parents, a good witch called Goodypie, and her husband Mr.Goodweather. All the creatures of the forest loved Goodypie because she could always ruin the evil potions of Meanloudmouth, a very bad witch. One day while Goodypie was boiling some plants and flowers in her big cooking pot, Marily notices a little house appear in the pot. Suddenly, Marily falls into the pot and when she is rescued by her mother, Marily has changed into a mean-spirited and wicked person. Marily runs into the forest and away from home. As her parents try desperately to find her, they discover their daughter has turned into the notorious Badfreaky, the evilest witch of them all, who can silence any enemy by turning them into stone.
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